Painter and Engraver.

Master in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona.
She was professor of painting and drawing in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona for 33 years. In 1987 she received her doctor’s degree with the grade of Cum Laude.

In 1969 she celebrated her first exhibition in Bologna (Italy). Since then she has been constantly active as a painter and has regularly exhibited her work in Barcelona and other Spanish cities, as well as abroad -in Italy, England, The Netherlands, Austria, The U.S.A., etc.

Her work, which in its beginings was under the inlfuence of her maestro -the Catalan painer Ramon SANVISENS, has always followed a figurative style, the draftsmanship being very important and the colors vibrant. Her painting style could be defined as an expressionism of drawing and color.

The items of Teresa LLÀCER’s work is extensive: landscapes, seascapes, big compositions of human figures, nudes, flowers, portraits, still lifes… She has also carried out important commissions for mural paintings and series of engravings.

Teresa LLÀCER’s work belongs to the modern figurative tradition of Eurpean painting. At its roots lie the imprints of Picasso, Manet, Bonnard, Sunyer, Derain, Gauguin, Morandi, Cézanne, etc. The subjectmatter and the expression of this exceptional work are between avidness and reflection, passion and contemplation, between sensitivity and thought.